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Infrastructure and umbrella organisations have an invaluable role to play in helping frontline voluntary and community organisations with strategic planning.

A good strategy can help organisations to become more successful and more sustainable. So investing time and resources on strategy support can help infrastructure organisations achieve their own goal of fostering a stronger voluntary sector. It’s a win, win situation.

Better outcomes, more time

Helping organisations to formulate a strong strategy will empower them to become:

  • more successful, enabling you to achieve better outcomes
  • more sustainable, so in the longer term, they will need less support from you, giving you more time and resources to invest elsewhere.

Real demand

The benefits of supporting frontline organisations on strategy are clear, but there’s also strong evidence of need for services in this area. For example, it features in the research which led to the development of ChangeUp, and in work on the support needs of black and minority ethnic organisations carried out by the Performance Hub (2005-2008). Strategic planning was also identified as a key skills gap in recent UK Workforce Hub research findings.

A key part of the SKiLD framework

The ability to support other organisations with strategic planning forms part of the ‘organisational development’ spoke of the Skills and Knowledge for Development framework for infrastructure development workers.

Support for you

The rest of this section offers a few pointers on providing a strategy support service and outlines the resources and training available to help you develop your offer to frontline organisations.

Already offering a strategy support service? Get listed!

If you already offer support on strategy, why not add your service to the NCVO Support Finder. This online database helps frontline organisations to find help by topic, type of support and geography.

Developing your own strategy

The rest of this website will help your organisation to develop its own strategy. You may also be interested in the PERFORM framework, a strategic planning approach to help infrastructure organisations to plan, assess and review the support they offer. The new Value of Infrastructure Programme will also help infrastructure organisations to boost their impact.

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How will this affect your organisation? Have you considered it during your strategic planning? Can you share any interesting relevant links?

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