Where next for ICT Foresight?

Since 2005 we have been thinking about the impact of new technologies on the sector under the umbrella of a project called ICT Foresight (funded initially by the Vodafone UK Foundation and more recently by the ICT Hub). In doing so we've had lots of fantastic discussions with forward thinking people from inside and out of our sector, published 3 reports (with one more on the way) and ran a fascinating seminar.

But ICT Foresight is coming to an end, so a few weeks ago Karl and I went to Warwickshire to discuss where to take this work next with our colleagues Simon and Paul from Ruralnet and David Wilcox. We had many ideas, most of which need further development, but at the core was the desire to bring together all of the many initiatives, organisations and people that are now saying really interesting stuff about ICT and voluntary action/civil society/etc.

We started with a whole load of post-it notes and Paul has now transformed these into an OPML file. OPML is a recognised format for sharing and organising interesting RSS feeds from blogs and websites. It makes it easy for anyone to take our list of interesting websites and use it themselves by reading them, or - more adventurously - plugging the list into something else. Why is that useful? It's all about using ICT to help sift and manage large amounts of information.

Update: read the comments below for more on this from Paul and Dave Nolan (our web developer), and watch this space for developments...

Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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Hi I’ve just posted up the OPML of the people, organisations, initiatives, events, places/platforms and ideas at Grazr where we can hopefully share and remix it. Ii’ve blogged some more about it at the ruralnet|online site One thing I didn’t really go into was the ability to track ideas (or tags/memes) – something to ponder?

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I had a few minutes so I mashed in popular del.icio.us tags for each of the sites you mentioned and reposted it on Grazr.

Using the del.icio.us API like this is one way to track memes. If I had more time I might have experimented with Reuters Calais.

The tags in the current list are quite generic because they are the tags for homepages, but imagine doing the same for a the latest posts.

Obviously there’s both a resource discovery and information sifting function to this.

Data! Yum.

Hi Dave
That’s brilliant, it’s amazing that we went from this
to that! I’ll have to explore the Reuters Calais thing more soon..
(more pics here and don’t worry about the teething troubles)

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