Three Practical Steps for Scaling up Listening

In this article for Nonprofit Online News, Michael Gilbert discusses the power that new social media has to scale-up listening between VCOs and their stakeholders. He highlights the potential of a medium that allows VCOs to reach a million people for little cost in an economic and political environment where it is often increasingly difficult to get their message heard. Being heard has a profound effect on people. It keeps them coming back again and again to the place and the people who listened to them. It gets them talking to their friends and colleagues about those people and places and it builds affinity, loyalty, and trust. Gilbert particularly highlights the importance of a strategic approach to scaling up listening; leveraging the power of peers to listen to each other, through the communities and networks that organisations work in. He argues that harnessing the power of the internet to listen has implications for organisational structure, communication and resource development strategies, and relationships between and among organisations and their communities.

Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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How will this affect your organisation? Have you considered it during your strategic planning? Can you share any interesting relevant links?

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