The future of the funding environment

As we’ve often said, the future VCS funding environment is likely to become even more challenging due to several factors, such as the shift from grants to contracts and cuts to government spending with the forthcoming CSR 2007. This article is based on the plenary session of the 2007 Sustainable Funding Project’s (SFP) Annual Gathering with Karl Wilding, NCVO’s Head of Research, Craig Dearden-Phillips, Chief Executive of Speaking Up! and Carl Emmerson, a Deputy Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies. This article brings together the discussion from the day of the key funding and financing issues on the horizon and what impact they will have on the sector. It explores potential opportunities for VCOs to flourish in this new funding climate as well as some challenges for the future.

Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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