Ten years of Blair – analysis and scenarios of a cultural and political legacy

Ipsos MORI have published two online summaries of their latest reports examining some of the key trends and issues characterising the Blair era in Britain. These summaries look back at the last decade as a way of better understanding what the future might hold. The report, Blair's Britain: The Social And Cultural Legacy, explores the way Britons think and behave, their values and aspirations, and how these have changed during the Blair years. The summary briefly discusses some of the key trends in consumerism, wealth, inequality, well-being, communities, demographic change, crime, identity, technology and celebrity. The analysis is followed by a series of six oppositions (similar to scenarios axes) summarising the key opposing trends in public behaviour, culture and opinion which will help organisations to make sense of the cultural and social context in which they operate:

  1. Parent and children v Adult-to-Adult
  2. Individual v Community
  3. Having it all v Tough choices
  4. Consumers v Citizens
  5. Small club v Big tent
  6. Turned-off v Clued-up

Some of the main trends in British politics and political public opinion are also considered in the online summary of the second report, Blair's Britain: The Political Legacy.

Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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