Take the new NCVO Charity Forecast survey

NCVO is inviting voluntary sector leaders to give their views on the health and prospects of their organisations in its new confidence and trends survey. This quarterly survey questions sector leaders on current trends and future expectations. Follow the link below to take the test.

The survey

The survey aims to determine how optimistic they feel about the sector and what development plans they have for the coming quarter. The survey results will be used to make predictions about changes within the sector ranging from economic issues to changes in staffing or volunteering levels.

Confidence index

Over time the survey results will build up an index of the level of confidence within the VCS and track fluctuations in confidence against external indicators such as policy changes, consumer confidence and GDP. Confidence surveys capture a current snapshot of a sector and can provide accurate and timely assessments for strategic planners who want a guide to future prospects. Numerous business and trade associations already use confidence indices to track and predict changes in economic areas but this is the first one for the VCS. 

Your strategic planning process

As future change is partly based on present intentions, this survey will provide valuable information for your organisation to use in its strategic planning process; revealing trends in collaboration and competition and how VCOs are feeling about their funding environment and the economy.

This survey is very short, with only 14 closed questions so it should only take five minutes of your time.

Please note - this survey should only be filled in by Chief Executives, Directors and Trustees of VCOs.  

Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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