NCVO Third Sector Foresight leads National Support Service

Yesterday nine National Support Services (NSS) were launched. These services, which are funded by Capacity Builders, aim to improve the support available to VCOs by working with support providers – those organisations that provide support to the frontline (sometimes described as infrastructure organisations, umbrella bodies, or second tier organisations).

We are delighted to be leading the NSS on responding to social change. We will be working with support providers to provide frontline organisations with high quality, relevant and accessible information about change, and useful and practical advice and support. This work complements and will be integrated with our existing Third Sector Foresight programme.

We are currently in a pilot phase during which we will develop new services for support providers, working with Caroline Copeman (Centre for Charity Effectiveness) and Mark Crowe (Yorkshire and Humber Regional Forum).

Are you a support provider?

  • You can find out more about this and all the other NSS programmes on a new central website.
  • If you'd like to be kept up to date about our services for support providers as they develop, please email us with NSS in the subject line.
Last updated at 15:08 Mon 18/May/09.
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