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The Performance Hub are always good at providing organisations with practical tips and experience that will help improve their performance. One of their key areas of work is helping organisations develop their strategic thinking and planning skills.

These findings from the Performance Hub's action research project on how to form a good strategy are jam-packed with practical tips and learning from the experiences of five third sector organisations (TSOs).

The Performance Hub commissioned consultants Partners in Evaluation to work with five small and medium-sized TSOs in England between June and November 2006 to help the organisations to develop their strategy and to generate learning about the process along the way. The experiences underlined how strategic planning provides an opportunity to consider the 'bigger picture' and to think laterally, outside the day-to-day tasks of running an organisation.

The project also identified that good strategies are:

  • appreciative
  • reflective
  • participatory
  • outcomes-focused

To be really effective, strategic planning should value the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders and bring them together to enable dialogue.

The participants acknowledged that all of this takes time and, critically, commitment from trustees and senior managers, but all involved found it was a worthwhile investment, enabling them to emerge with a stronger sense of their future direction.

Read the full report or the summary of ten top tips

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