Contentious citizens: campaigning for social change

This month the Young Foundation has published ‘Contentious citizens: civil society’s role in campaigning for social change. A report on good campaigning’. The report provides a detailed analysis and historical overview of the campaigning landscape with reference to the challenges and opportunities associated with campaigning in a network age. Some of the key challenges highlighted in the report are:

  • How can progressive or sustained campaigns be built in an environment of media moments, celebrity dependence, and tabloid petitions?
  • How can you target decision-makers most effectively in the era of network, governance and where campaigns can take place at the level of the local, national and global?
  • Where does the balance lie between single-issue campaigns and political parties and others addressing broader strategic issues facing societies?

The publication also explores how campaigning can be better supported and makes a series of recommendations intended to support campaigning organisations in raising awareness and responding to pressing and unmet needs.

Further details or to download the report

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