Collaboration without borders

What can UK voluntary organisations learn about collaboration from international NGOs?


Date: 4 June 2008 (12.00 to 2.15)

Venue: NCVO

In response to global challenges and the changing nature of governance, civil society organisations in different parts of the world are increasingly working together, establishing formal transnational alliances or collaborating perhaps more informally through networks. This seminar will explore the implications of working collaboratively and engaging with a range of partners and stakeholders at local, national and global levels. It is jointly organised by NCVO and the ESRC Non-Governmental Public Action programme

The speakers will be:

  • Brian Doherty Keele University who will present some of the key findings from his research, which looks at the relationship between Southern and Northern environmental groups within the Friends of the Earth International FOEI network.
  • Richard Crook Institute of Commonwealth Studies who will explore how civil society actors engage with multi-level policy which bridge Southern and Northern contexts and examine the impacts of those engagements.
  • Chris Stalker campaign4impact who will draw out implications for policy and practice.

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