Advice in the future

'Advice in the future: scenarios and issues for the future of the advice sector'

This month sees the launch of a new Third Sector Foresight report analysing how key trends affecting the voluntary and community sector will impact on the future of the advice sector.

The report outlines how the operating environment for advice organisations is changing in four key areas, and some of the opportunities and challenges that may arise:

  1. The need for advice services
  2. Funding of advice services
  3. How advice will be delivered
  4. The advice sector workforce

The report also introduces four possible scenarios for the future of the advice sector:

  • ‘Advice Direct’: Rationalised remote advice services
  • The virtual advice grid: Networked remote advice services
  • Advice super centre: Rationalised face-to-face advice services
  • Local advice networks: Networked face-to-face advice services

Scenarios are visions of alternative futures. They can help organisations to think creatively about future opportunities and challenges. To learn more about scenario planning read our scenario planning guide - 'Picture This'

Download the full report

Download the summary

This piece of sub-sectoral foresight was produced in collaboration with adviceUK and commissioned by the Peformance Hub.

If you are an umbrella body that would be interested in doing a sub-sectoral analysis with Third Sector Foresight in the future, please email us.

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